Fruit Juice Infuser Sports Water Bottle

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One of the best things that you can do for your body is to hydrate it.

However, there is added benefit in being able to simultaneously hydrate your body and enrich it with various minerals that come from infusing tea or fruit into your everyday diet.

This water bottle gives you the best of both worlds and provides you with an easy way to live a healthier life.

With very little effort on your own part, you can infuse the water you drink with fruit that contains essential minerals that you need to live a healthy life.

With this water bottle, simply infuse your desired fruit to give your water a fresh new taste and more health benefits than just plain water.

Bring this water bottle to any sporting or athletic event to get good-tasting hydration anywhere. 


  • Infuse fruit into your water effortlessly
  • Highly mobile
  • Easy to use

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